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Project Overview
All around
48 hours
Re-design for fun
There have been so many countless moments where I see on my calendar app that I have a meeting, then flip back to my email to see if an online meeting link was sent which, when clicked will transfer me over to the meeting application. As a student, I use these applications on a day to day basis and for the same objective. This idea lead me to design Google's set of most used productivity tools into one!
You get a notification from your calendar that you have a meeting RIGHT NOW, you completely forgot about it, go to your email app to find the meeting link -scroll scroll scroll, search search search- WAIT it's not there? Back to the calendar app to see if the link was on the invite. Oh here it is, click on the link which takes you to another app to have your meeting. How much time did that take you? How many apps did you have to open?
The Problem
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